Czech Warmachine/Hordes Masters

Czech WM/H Masters are a qualifier for the Warmachine European Invitational, and take place at Combo Strike Event which started as a small convention for the players of "non-mainstream" games in 2012. That means that you can not only play your favourite game from the Privateer Press, but also try out other games - be it wargaming or boardgames - meet new people, and enjoy the usual wild party on the Saturday's evening.

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Czech Masters take place in Brno, Czech Republic at Kotlarska 989/51. The venue is easily accessible by car, or public transport (from Hlavni nadrazi, take Tram 1 towards Reckovice and get off at Pionyrska).


The most convenient place to stay is the nearby hostel (make sure to make the reservation in advance), or you can choose from more expensive (and more distant) hotels in the city centre.